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ACHF Meeting 2/22/24

Meet and greet, needs analysis, and general information gathering

In attendance:

Josh Manwaring - POINT7

Meisha Manwaring - POINT7

Kent White - Executive Director

Perry Brätt - President

Madelyn White - Strategic Partnerships & Events Manager

About POINT7

Point 7 Collective is owned by Josh & Meisha Manwaring, a creative duo specializing in documentary-style video. Josh is most at home capturing mountain-based sports and lighting interviews with elevated visual appeal. Meisha sees and shoots exclusively in black and white, bringing a unique perspective of contrast and emotion to much of our work.


Work Examples

Cultivating a Legacy: James Farm Inc

This video which shares the story of a farm in Central Utah is a great example of our visual and storytelling style.  We worked hard to help these two farmers to feel comfortable in front of the camera and to be able to share their perspective and passion for farming.


This video was created as a proof-of-concept for the documentary direction we wish to pursue as a duo. There is also a color version available, but this version contains shots from both parties.

Mayflower Ski Resort Announcement

Created to introduce the new Mayflower Ski Resort (now called the Deer Valley East Village expansion) to the general public. Footage was shot and directed by Josh. Main edit and motion graphics also by Josh. Meisha was involved in pre-production, script writing, editing, and edit revisions.

Future Projects

We are currently in the production stages for two more projects that align more closely with the documentary direction. As soon as those projects are ready, we'll be happy to share.

For the past several years, the creative dynamic at POINT7 has primarily been Josh shooting, producing, and editing for commercial and television productions while Meisha has served as creative consultant on many of these productions, directly overseeing edits, assisting with scripts, and ensuring that the emotional tone and story structures hit the mark. She has been focusing on her own black and white camera work, with an emphasis on circus arts studio photography. We're now at a turning point where we're making a transition towards working exclusively together on projects that make a difference in the world and truly matter to us.

Below are a few examples of the work that Josh has been involved in recently.

ACHF Project Inspiration

We believe that the best way to connect with an audience is through beautiful and emotional story telling.
It's especially important when asking for help and donations that the audience feels visually and emotionally connected to the content. Without that, the call to action falls flat. When an audience is drawn into the content, they naturally watch longer, which will help videos to show higher on social algorithms, gaining more views and ultimately, more chances to make a difference. Below are examples of short documentaries and commercials that we feel have done this job well in one way or another.

Apa BGpng.png

Loved by All:
The Story of Apa Sherpa

384K Views - Beautiful documentary storytelling that immerses you in that world, makes you feel something for the people in that community, then has a call to action at the end to remind you that you have an ability to make a difference in that world.

Unicef BG2.png

94K Views - Uses portraits and voices to help the audience connect with the children they are helping. Puts both a face and a voice to where their money is going

Not This BG.png

ActionAid UK - Not This Girl

45K Views - Does a great job of illustrating something traumatic that is happening (abuse) while not showing that thing happening. Despite not explicitly depicting the trauma, the audience still has the ability to feel that trauma and then feel like they can make a difference.

Janwaar BG.png

18K Views - A light hearted approach. Illustrates that you don’t always have to focus on the trauma and the “hard to watch” elements. You can also focus on the good an organization is doing and make people feel the positivity that comes from it. They do a great job of making an entertaining film without pushing the non profit. The call to action then becomes very powerful when it comes at the end. The audience is driven to want to continue to help spread the positivity they see in the video.

Ascend BG.png


66K Views - Again, focusing primarily on the positive outcomes from an organization. Climbing is used as a tool to help women and girls from Afghanistan feel powerful and independent. The end has a great call to action and also shows what’s happened to each of the girls since they filmed the video. This is also a great example of a non-profit partnering with a brand whose values align to help fund their video message.

Monte BG.png

297K Views - Richmond Cycling Corps - Case study showing an example of one person’s life that has been completely changed because of the organization.

Action Items Moving Forward

Based on our conversation, POINT7 will be working on the following:

  • Video conceptualization - We will review the shared pitch decks and video links, then provide rough concepts and/or storyboards for the following videos:

    • 15-20 Minute Documentary: A documentary style video that tells the story of ACHF; where they started, what they've learned, where they are now, and where they're heading.

    • CALI / A Beacon of Hope videos: Videos to help fund and grow the training program for orphanage caregivers.

    • * If we agree upon a concept and budget, we'll dig deeper into specific scripts from there.


  • Video budgeting options - Provide tiered budgeting options for the aforementioned video concepts.

  • Grant Research - Dig into options for grants specifically related to marketing and/or video production for non-profit organizations. We will also look into possibilities for any brands who may be interested in sponsoring branded non-profit video content. Compile a list of any compelling options.

  • Single image concept for ACHF - In good faith/donation, we'll develop a visual concept that encompasses everything that ACHF does.

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